Welcome to Sonja Wagenbrenner –
Professional tourist guide and wine lecturer in Würzburg!

My home: Würzburg in Franconia! Economic and cultural center in Northern Bavaria with a UNESCO World Heritage site. A science city with a renowned university and one of the hotspots of German wine culture. Where can it be more beautiful and relaxed than here? That’s what I thought when I returned here after my journeys through the world and I eventually fell in love again with this piece of “Heaven on Earth” …


My job: Working as a professional tourist guide for German, English and Mandarin (Chinese). I am certified to the European standard for tourist guides (DIN EN 15565). Since 2004, I am a member of the Würzburg Tourist Guide Association and the German National Tourist Guide Association (BVGD).

My offer: City and theme tours in Würzburg and hikes and excursions in vineyards, champagne cellars and all around the wine country with its historical and romantic places. With me, you will experience the culture of this country: Get to know cozy places, interesting winegrowers and high-class wines, or discover the architecture of modern wineries…

My “title”: Lecturer in the culture of wine and culinary enjoyments! I do not have a “PHD”, but I have yet to offer events of high standard! These include guided tours and individually tailored seminars for wine and sparkling wine lovers as well as for people who work in hotels and restaurants. Many of my offers are bookable in English and Chinese.

My motto: “Think global, drink local!” I always like to look over the edge of the “Schoppenglas” – the traditional Franconian wine glass. Because life is rich and beautiful! But at the same time to be and act “regional” is my philosophy! And topclass Franconian wine can easily compete with the world! What I personally love to drink? A dry Franconian white of course and – depending on my mood – a good classic sparkling wine, made from grapes in the surrounding vineyards!

My dream: To be a top wine myself! For example a 1964 vintage Riesling “Großes Gewächs” from the famous Würzburger Stone Hill – the top class vineyard in the area. I am rooted in Franconia, matured in the world and at home in the Würzburg terroir …

You can book a guided tour / seminar with me under these conditions.